The Recording Studio For the Indie Artist

Tracking, Overdubs, Mixing and Mastering


Music Video Production

Our Video Production Staff can help you create engaging content for your social media and YouTube Channel!

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Looking to create a full Recording project or do you want use your home studio and just need a place to track your base tracks. Midnight Circus Studios can help you bring your project in on a budget and not compromise on quality! 

24 Tracks of 192khz 32bit floating Recording

24 tracks of industry standard preamps API, Neve 1073, UAD, Focusrite, Charter Oak, etc.

Thousands of virtual instruments from Native Instruments (komplete 12 Ultimate), IK Multimedia, Waves, XLN, Addictive Keys, Keyscape, plus thousands of loops and sampled instruments for your sound!

Full complement of Microphones from Warm Audio, Rode, Shure, Neumann, Audix, Sennheiser, Cascade, etc

Live Room for Drums, Amp Room for Guitars, Vocal booth. The ability to Isolate and Track a full band in a single pass! 

Rates = $35 an Hour




Industry standard plugins from Waves, Universal Audio, Slate Digital, Focusrite, SPL, Melodyne, Izotope, and so much more!

Protools, Cubase, Studio one, Sonar all available for Tracking and Mixing

Specially treated mixing room with high end mixing speakers from Focal, Fostex, Yamaha and Presonus!

16 Channel Passive Summing Box which can be outputted to several preamp systems such as API, Neve, Focusrite, Universal Audio for that analog console sound!

Rates = $75 a Song Add $25 for Analog Summing

Includes 5 revisions $25 for each revision over that amount




Do you have a great mix and you are looking to bring it up to industry standards of volume and sound. We provide professional mastering services at a reasonable cost. 

Using our high quality in the box and external processing we give your mixes that professional sound!

Rates = $25 a song with 3 revisions $10 for each revision over 3


Need a place to produce your stageit.com shows or other online streaming content?

Midnight Circus productions is setup to produce your online content with professional audio, lighting and video cameras! Take your online streaming content to the next level! Use your account or go through ours!

Singer Songwriters to Full bands!